Table Rock A-Rig


Most A-Rigs have a weighted head causing them to tangle when they are thrown and also a weighted head will bury into wood and rocks. Ours is a epoxy head and you can throw all day without tangling!The Alabama rig has changed the face of bass fishing and it is responsible for more big fish on Table Rock Lake than I have ever seen in the past!
Being a Table Rock Lake Fishing guide and having the opportunity to test different versions side by side with clients and Rocky we have perfected the system and also added our special custom touches andimprovements. I honestly can say in my professional opinion that the Table Rock A-Rig is as good as or quite possibly the best Alabama rig on the market today!
We have another lot made we are selling them for $12 for the standard 5 wire and $13 for the 5 wire with blades, $10 for the standard 3 wire. 10 standard 5 wire for $100. Finesse 3 wire is $7.
$5 for priority shipping.
We are only selling shad color at this time. and you can get custom colors if you order 10 baits.If you want to order some just send a check to me 129 Pershing Dr in Branson MO, 65616 or email me a paypal payment to