Rainbow Trout Migration Explained

If you fish, you probably have some interest in biology. Even if you don’t, you’ll probably find this Fox News article interesting.

We love fishing for rainbow trout. They get big, they are pretty and… they taste good. Honestly, they are an interesting fish. Wherever they reside in the world (Alaska, Missouri, etc.), trout migrate. But, who would have though that they knew how and where to migrate with magnetic cells?

Actually, scientists have hypothesized that trouts get migration advice from Earth’s weak magnetic force for years. But, that’s not exactly common knowledge because it’s kind of a strange suggestion.

But, Earth is a strange place. Whether you base it all on evolution or God, we have very interesting plant and animal life. Now, the rainbow trout has a very distinct niche in the cool animal club – magnetic migration sense. In other words, all of the Taneycomo trout we catch around here might show up in science magazines and articles in the years to come.

Let’s just hope that the biologists don’t steal all of our fish to test their hypotheses!

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