Table Rock Lake holds the monsters of Missouri

Big Bass at Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is home to some impressive fishing records in Missouri. The lake, which hosts various local and national fishing tournaments throughout the year including the 2012 Bass Pro Shops Central Open No. 2, holds seven biggest caught fish records in the state of Missouri.

Known for its mammoth bass, Table Rock Lake holds five biggest bass catching records, including the hybrid black bass (5lbs 10 oz. – pole and line), spotted bass (7 lbs 8 oz. – pole and line), smallmouth bass (4lbs 3oz – jugfishing), white bass (5lbs 6oz. – pole and line) and a spotted/smallmouth bass (4lbs 1oz – pole and line).

Table Rock Lake is also home to the biggest fish ever caught and recorded in the lakes or rivers in Missouri. A 139 pound, 4 ounce paddlefish was snagged in 2002, weighing more than 30 pounds more than the pole and line record of 108 pounds 8 ounce paddlefish that was caught in Lake Jacomo.

Even the smallest fish that swims in Table Rock Lake, the blue gill, it too was caught in the lake as the biggest blue gill caught on a limb line in Missouri, weighing in at 9 ounces.

There’s no doubt the monsters of the Missouri lakes reside in Table Rock Lake, now it’s time to go break some records!

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